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Investment In Truffles
Investment in truffles should be evaluated carefully just like any other investment one makes. The minimum time a truffle tree will take before producing truffles is 4 years, although there have been ample examples of trees producing truffles the 3rd year after planting. The key elements to achieving a successful plantation is in the preparation of the site before the plantation. At Truffle Fields we evaluate each new plantation site with the help of a team of specialists who perform a detailed study of the soil, as this is one of the most important parts in establishing a plantation that will yield truffles. Besides the detailed soil analysis, we evaluate weather patterns - past and present - wild life, and the overall surroundings of the site. Through Truffle Fields we provide individuals, hotels, and restaurants the opportunity to invest in truffle plantations. Since land acquisition is complicated and cumbersome, not to mention expensive, we offer the rights to the truffles from one or more trees.

Investment Returns
The lifespan of investment on mature trees is 35-50 years – the investment can be sold or transferred after 2 years. As an investor, should you not wish to keep the truffles, or decide not to sell them yourself, Truffle Fields Holdings will buy the truffles at the current market price less 7.5%, or you can exchange them for our Gourmet Truffle Products.

Smart Investor
The potential to make your investment in Truffle Fields the most profitable part of your profile is enormous and secure, Oak and Hazelnut trees last for a long time – and continually produce truffles for 35-50 years. Putting fine foods up for auction generates the biggest returns. Truffles are the most expensive mushroom on earth. Truffles command very high prices. Chinese casino magnate Stanley Ho bought a single 3.3-pound white truffle for $330,000 at a charity auction in 2007. White truffles generally go for $4,500 per kilogram wholesale. Black Perigords sell for at least $1,800. If you own trees, you can ideally profit by approximately $350++ per kilogram, with each tree producing between 3 to 10 kilograms during its harvest. Investor returns in Truffle Fields over the past 3 years (2013 – 2016) on a single $30,000 package has produced a solid 35% per annum, providing an annual income profit far higher than most traditional forms of investments now being offered in today’s somewhat volatile and risky investment markets. These returns are consistent, secure and backed up by the Truffle Fields Holdings financial statements and government filed returns. 


White Truffle Trees


Truffle Rights for 25 years

Rights to all the white truffles gathered from EIGHT Oak trees

Perigord Truffle Trees


Truffle Rights for 25 years

Rights to all the white truffles gathered from EIGHT Oak trees

Burgundy Truffle Trees


Truffle Rights for 25 years

Rights to all Burgundy truffles gathered from EIGHT Oak trees


  • We plant 2-year old Oak trees inoculated with Perigord, White and Burgundy Truffle spores and the plantation is monitored 24/7 by our experienced personal. All of our plantations are also fenced off from the surrounding environment, preventing wild animals such as rabbits, deer or wild boar from damaging the young trees.
  • At the time of harvesting, investors have the opportunity to take delivery of the truffles found under their tree. Our team will pick, clean and package the truffles and send by courier to any instructed destination. Courier charges are not included and will be for the account of the individual investor, based on the chosen courier and the destination.
  • There will be a yearly maintenance fee of $25 per tree after the 3rd year.
  • In the event that the clients choose not to take delivery of their truffles, Truffle Fields will purchase all the truffles gathered under the trees at a 7.5% discount of the current market prices.
  • Clients are welcome to visit the plantation site anytime they wish.
  • After 12 months of the plantation being established, investors who choose not to wait out the truffle production period can exchange their investment with any truffle products offered by Truffle Fields. On all products there will be a 25% discount for existing investors. Investors who would like to avail of this option will need to give 60 days notice before the harvesting season starts to enable us to allocate products to our investors on a priority basis.


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