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We are specialists in the cultivation of the world-renowned French Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum). With over 100 acres of new plantation of prime Truffle rich lands in Europe, Truffle Fields is fast becoming a leading name in the cultivation and sale of some of the world’s finest culinary commodities.

Whether you are exploring the opportunity of establishing your own truffle orchard, or are interested in the mystique and history of the Black Truffle, Truffle Fields is the ideal starting point for a highly significant and unique investment opportunity. The option to own a truffle orchard is both rare and highly-prized in a world that maintains an insatiable appetite for this hard-to-find and particularly desirable delicacy. 

To be able to say that you are the proud owner of an authentic Black Truffle orchard could well be the ultimate status symbol of the future, given the ever increasing culinary interest and awareness of the developing world’s population and the equally ascending desire for the rarest and most highly sought after of the world’s mushrooms.


Ikt. sz.: 265/2015


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to our community in Egyek, Hungary. We are fortunate to live in a place where the soil is rich and the weather moderate. From migrating birds to a splendid variety of fauna, our land is the perfect venue for new and exciting horticulture ventures.

Agriculture has been deeply rooted in our traditions and day to day lives. Hence in 2011 when the Truffle Fields plantation was established, we became avid supporters of the project. Since then, the hazelnut and the oak trees have become part of our landscape.

I am delighted to see the company growing, and expanding with their new plantation this autumn.


18th of June, 2015

Dr. Miluczky Attila
Mayor of Egyek, Hungary


Truffle Experts





He assumed that truffle growing would not stop at the borders of France or Italy, and well-applied cultivation methods based on the latest scientific research would induce production in other areas as well. Furthermore, he firmly believed that, in Central and Eastern Europe, truffle harvesting from natural forest areas could become a significant industry that could compete with the old producers, both in quality and quantity. Fifteen years and many studies and conferences later, he has managed to build the Central and Eastern Europe truffle industry into an important global player through the established truffle plantations in Hungary and Romania, and the continuous running of training programs for truffle hunters.



Mr. (Chef) Robert Lilya has been involved in truffle production since the early 1990s when truffle collection and production area mapping started in the Central and Eastern Europe. He is a renowned expert in truffle habitats and production and is regularly asked to speak at gastronomic association events on the production and growing efforts that go into producing truffles for the high-end food markets around the globe.

He regularly hosts wine dinners for new & old wines by brands from France, Spain, SA, US, Chile, Italy Armenia etc.. Chef for annual Alba truffle festivals in Asia. Head Chef of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

He has participated at many truffle conferences around the world, the TAUESG meetings in Finland (2010) and Spain (2013) and the Science and Culture de la Truffle in Aix-en-Provence, France (1999).





Born in Kobe, Japan. LSE/Oxford educated entrepreneur, founder of Sushi and More, Cool Japan Festival, and Japan Oyster Festival. Publisher of "Been There Done That". Calls Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai home. Works on multiple corporate and Japanese government projects in Asia-Pacific and other regions, traveling 200,000 miles a year and a bon vivant, Mr Kosato represents Truffle Fields Holdings' interest in Japan.

Terrence Cooper

Commonly referred to in food circles as “TT” – Truffles Terry, his knowledge of truffle production throughout Central Europe (Italy in particular), and for the past few years in Australia, has led to him becoming a renowned truffle expert.

He spent four years of his life living in Paris and travelled extensively to Europe’s finest trufferies and it has become his passion in life.

The knowledge and experience he has gained in the truffle industry has been added to Truffle Fields Holding, thereby making us one of the worlds’ leading truffle producers.

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